Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 17th - Investigation 2.4 Review of Interior and Exterior Angles.

Today we used some time to review Investigation 2.4 - Here are the notes.

Also we went over the Review Guide for Investigation #2- Click here access.  

Tomorrow's Check-in Focuses on:

Areas to focus on for quiz after Investigation 2
  • sum of angles in a regular polygon
  • individual angle measure in a regular polygon
-Tiling of regular polygons
-Finding exterior angles in a polygon.

Key Vocabulary:
  • supplementary angles
  • complementary angles
  • isosceles triangle properties
  • angle sums for regular polygons

Key Formulas:

S (sum of angles) = 180 (n-2)    (n = the number of sides in polygon) 

A (individual angle in a polygon) = 180 (n-2) / n

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