Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4th - Wednesday

Our first regular schedule day!

In math we started by working through certain problems students had on the Skill Sheet #1 (Click to Access).   Many students had questions around how to solve the % of a given number.  We discussed equivalent ways of writing 75% such as 75/100 or in a decimal form of 0.75.

The students were introduced to "crate work" or challenge work.  We hope that many take on these sheets when work is finished early or they need a further extension form the regular CMP 3 curriculum.

Finally, we reviewed the Benchmark Fractions for 6th and 7th grade (these consist of transforming fractions into equivalent decimals and percents).  Students were asked to create flashcards for the fractions they were having trouble with.  These can reviewed and studied when students do not have much homework or have extra time in class.

Here is a neat document I found showing many of these benchmarks.

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